“Translate any Email, Letter or Document in a Single Click!”

The Only True All-Major-Language Translation Solution - Write Professional Emails, Documents and any Other Text with the relative ease afforded by your own language. WhiteSmoke Translator Software translates word-to-word or full pages.

WhiteSmoke Translator


  • Built-in Dictionary and Thesaurus

    Offers full dictionary and thesaurus support for all available languages

  • Full Text Translation to and From 9 Languages

    Enables you to have a word-to-word translation of any text

  • Built-in Word Usage Example Maker

    Displays how every translated word is usually used in a sentence

  • Enhanced Software Compatibility

    Works alongside any text application

  • Optional Human Translation

    In association with OneHourTranslation.com

  • Easy-to-use & Friendly Interface

    Simply copy-paste your desired text, click "go" & that's it!

  • Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) Technology

    Provides the most probable translation

Supported Languages:

  •   English
  •   Arabic
  •   Chinese
  •   French
  •   German
  •   Italian
  •   Portuguese
  •   Russian
  •   Spanish
*Our list of available languages is growing everyday

Works Everywhere:

  •   Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/Win7, Mac OS
  •   MS Office, MS Word, Outlook, Open Office
  •   Google Docs, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail
  •   Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  •   Facebook, MSN Messenger, Skype, ICQ, Chat
WhiteSmoke Translator works with all applications

TopTenReview’s Gold Award

WhiteSmoke Translator: Testimonials

"WhiteSmoke Translator is so much more than a translation tool - it's the ultimate writing package..."
- David Markowitz, USA

"It helps me to communicate with all the friends I met while traveling in South America... "
- Jeremy Brooks , UK

"It's not just about the nice interface and the easy functionality - it's about the accurate translation! "
- Rachel Schwartz, Canada

Where can I use WhiteSmoke Translator?

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