WhiteSmoke Translator – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Whitesmoke Translator?
WhiteSmoke translator is a translation software that translates any text into any of the 9 of the main languages available in its database.It enables you to translate word-to-word or full pages in a single click of a mouse button.

Q2: How does Whitesmoke Translator Work?
WhiteSmoke Translator uses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology. This means that WhiteSmoke computers, along with leading linguistic experts, analyze millions of professionally translated texts and then calculate translations with the highest probability of being true when compared with the source – that’s why it’s called “statistical”! WhiteSmoke linguists constantly work on the WhiteSmoke Translator, improving it every day and ensuring you get the best and most advanced technology available today.

Q3: Is whitesmoke translator a spyware or a malware?
Recently whitesmoke translator had some issues with certain antivirus softwares that don’t recognize it as a safe software – WhiteSmoke is currently taking care of this issue so that it would pass these antivirus tests.
In any case – WhiteSmoke translator is a standalone software that helps you translate text into your desirable language. It doesn’t collect nor save any information from your pc and is definitely not a malware of any kind.

Q4: Does whitesmoke have any known negative effect on the performance of text softwares such as MS Word, Notepad, Notepad++, etc.?
No – WhiteSmoke translator works in parallel to these softwares – kind of like a plug in.

Q5: Is whitesmoke translator proven to be bug-free?
WhiteSmoke 2011 is being developed constantly – therefore in case that there are certain errors – you have the option to report them and they will be fixed instantly by our online customer support staff that runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Q6: Does WhiteSmoke Translator translate words as I type, or do I have to type the entire write-up first before I should click any action button?
WhiteSmoke works in 2 different ways – you can either select the words / text you want to translate, and then click on F2 – or you can open the WhiteSmoke Translator window, insert the selected text, and click on the “go” button.

Q7: Have the translation results of WhiteSmoke Translator undergone accuracy checks?
WhiteSmoke translator results are based on the calculations of the statistical algorithm present in its system, therefore you’ll recieve only the most probable results. Our expert linguists at Whitesmoke help to check and ensure the quality of translations.

Q8: What sets WhiteSmoke Translator apart form other translation software?
There are quite a few translation tools on line – WhiteSmoke translator is the most user-friendly, and most comprehensive among all translation softwares.
Plus, it uniquely has its own built-in dictionary and optional writing tool which makes it into the most complete writing solution available online.

Q9: Does WhiteSmoke Translator work with any text application?
WhiteSmoke Translator works with virtually all text applications present in the market. MS Word, Open Office, Notepad, Notepad ++, Wordpad, etc.

Q10: Does WhiteSmoke require an internet connection?
Yes – since each translation query goes through whitesmoke servers – you must have an internet connection in order for it to work.

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